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Why do equipment vendors close more sales with leasing?

By incorporating monthly payments into sales proposals,vendors overcome cash flow and budget objections. Business owners don’t pay 100% of their employees’ salaries on January 1st and they shouldn’t pay for all of their equipment in one lump sum either! Business owners realize that the benefits come from the use of the equipment and not the ownership of the equipment.

What is the process for leasing equipment?

Simply fill out a credit application and fax or email it to Arista Leasing. Financial statements and/or tax returns are required for transactions over $100,000. Upon receiving the credit information it is reviewed for approval. Lease documents are then prepared for signing. Upon receipt of the executed documents a purchase order is then issued to the equipment vendor. Equipment vendor(s) are paid after the delivery & acceptance of the equipment by the lessee.

What are some general credit guidelines?

Companies that get approved have been in business for at least 24 months and have cash flow to support the request.

What kind of equipment can be leased?

Almost any type of new or used equipment can be leased. Some examples include manufacturing, medical, computer (hardware and software), telecommunication, and material handling equipment. Many times soft costs such as shipping, installation and training can be included in the lease.

What about sales/use tax?

The lessee is responsible for all taxes associated with the lease. Depending on the state the lessee is located in, tax is either paid up front or built into the monthly payment.

Who Leases?

According to the Equipment Leasing Association of America, eight out of ten companies lease some form of equipment. This also includes municipalities and non-profit organizations.